Best App to Introduce Kids to Basic Spelling and Counting Numbers

Toddlers are very curious in nature. To satisfy their curiosity, they should be immersed in an environment, where formal education is implicitly introduced through games and fun. And what better way to introduce kids to basic spelling and counting number than through the use of this app as highlighted by Stacy Zeiger:

Princess Lila – Children’s Spelling & Counting Games



Head to the fairy tale world of Princess Lila and her friends. While the app’s title suggests the game only contains spelling and counting activities, it actually offers a lot more. Kids can play 10 different learning games that require them to spell, count, sort, make matches, solve mazes, and connect the dots. Each activity extends the fairy tale theme. For example, kids must guide a knight through the maze to reach the princess or make matches with cards that contain royal horses. Kids also get to interact with the town Princess Lila lives in, spinning windmills, tapping on buildings, and moving horses along the paths. Boys and girls alike will enjoy playing games in this fairy tale themed land.


While simple in scope, the games help kids build their basic skills. They’ll learn how to spell some simple royal words, discover the names of farm animals, and help Princess Lila complete a variety of activities. Some of the games even offer a unique twist on traditional activities. For example, in the matching game, kids must match the animal, mermaid, and fairy bottoms with their tops, rather than just matching pictures.

Child Friendliness

A kid’s natural tendency may be to tap along the path to play the various games found in Princess Lila’s world. They’ll soon realize, however, that while the buildings and other items on the map are interactive, it is the sun that controls all of the games. Once kids learn to tap on the sun, they’ll have fun rotating through the 10 different learning games. On the main screen, kids and parents can also control the level of difficulty, choosing from Easy, Medium, and Hard. Parental gates prevent kids from accessing additional information from the app’s developers.

The overall storyline of the embedded in the structure of the game, awakens the interests of most young users. The adventure and the implicit introduction of formal education and learning will undoubtedly engage kids to learn and practice more with the use of the app.